Frequent Asked Questions

S.I.S. Network is an exclusive space designed to provide accountability, guidance and mentorship to goal-driven women who are looking to get results! The S.I.S. Network experience gives you access to proven strategies provided by the network's mentors and guest subject matter experts that will help you implement best practices tailored to your lifestyle, and ultimately make progress with your goals. Click here to learn more about S.I.S. Network.

It takes time to put together the right strategies, opportunities and connections. It also takes time to sort through and vet what you've found. The process of finding what works for you  can take weeks, months, and sometimes years. Our mentors have gone ahead of you to gather as many relevant and resources as possible, while also pulling from key top-notch subject matter experts and brought them to one platform. It is important to us to provide as many resources as possible to those who want to save time and money! 

We serve "game changers", or goal-driven women, who want to go after their biggest dreams and get real results! Our movement specifically caters to…

  • The woman who has trouble determining her purpose.
  • The woman who needs direction regarding her journey.
  • The woman who needs help managing commitments.
  • The woman who needs to be connected with driven women.
  • The woman who is stuck waiting to move to her next.
  • The woman who needs to know how to take the next step.
  • The woman who needs strategies to revamp and refocus.
  • The woman who is hesitant to act because of fear and doubt.
  • The woman who is looking for the most relevant resources.
  • The woman who wants to see tangible results.
  • The woman who wants to invest in proven strategies.
  • The woman who needs healthy relationships with purposeful women.

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining this life-changing experience!

If you think you’re ready to join, scroll down and CLICK HERE to create your account! You can find membership information by reading more about the network on our about page, or you can contact us for more information.

All members can access our resource library with over 200 links to resources that are useful to your goals journey, as well as group events to hear from top subject matter experts on different topics related to your goals. As a VIP member, you will receive one-on-one guidance, have access to courses, breakout groups, replays of our live chats with experts, and more. We have worked hard to provide an intentional space for women who see the need to get serious about investing in their futures. We designed our network to be an all-inclusive experience combining all of our services at an affordable price! When you join, you save the most money over time, and get the best experiences! We currently do not require any commitment to make a one-time investment for course content, worksheets, devotionals, coaching, and other productivity services and products. Keep in mind that each of the services and products offered in our store are sold separately for anyone who is not a paid member of our network.

Yes! We don't limit the types of goal-driven journeys that this network can benefit. S.I.S. Network has helped our game changers identify and magnify a variety of personal and professional skills, knowledge and education each member brings to the table. The way we accomplish this is by providing goal-driven strategies that can work for anyone who wants to get results, no matter what goal it is you're working towards. We also include subject matter experts in our network experience to speak to variety of specific areas of interest and connect you with our directory of game changers who each have their own area of expertise that you can use in case you have specific questions around your goal(s).

We are expecting you might not have the time! One of the goals of the network is to help you make space for what you really care about. We do this through starting your membership with a set of strategy steps you will create or build on to help you identify you biggest goals, evaluate and revamp your commitments, build a foundation, and establish your action steps. By the end of working through these initial steps, you'll be making time for the things that are worth your investment!

As for the content, we provide more than what you need to be successful in your goal-driven journey, so you'll always get more than what you pay for! However, you will be able to access all of the content if you have to miss!

Everyone's journey is different, and ultimately will depend on how you choose to spend your time. We have seen members who stayed committed in the network at least 6 months get results and make progress with their goal-driven journeys. Although progress will vary for each person participating, we CAN guarantee that your commitment will be worth the investment starting day 1!

Our network offers 2 experiences. Those who choose the general membership will have separate resources to access that can be used for your goal-driven journey. Those who choose the VIP membership will get access to spaces which offer more content, personalized strategy, discounts, and access to all of what our network has to offer. No matter which option you choose, the network is an investment for women who want to move beyond the surface level, and go deeper with their goals on a personal and professional level.

No commitment is required to make a one-time investment for course content, worksheets, devotionals, coaching, and other productivity services and products that will be available and sold separately. More information will be released in the coming days. Stay up-to-date on when content and products will be available by visiting our S.I.S. Store and our courses page. If you’d like to be notified when the content will become available, simply join our email list.

Yes, you can always return!


Keep in mind that your membership price is good for as long as you remain a paying member in good standing. Your membership price may be subject to change if your membership expires after joining during a promotional period and if there is a plan price change for network membership when you decide to resume payments. If membership expires for any reason, you can rejoin the network at the most current advertised price.

You will regain access to all course content, worksheets, devotionals, coaching, and other network productivity services, products and experiences once you successfully resume membership.

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